A group of leaders seeking
another approach

How to create a successful business from scratch? Where to expect the setbacks, how not to get into trouble, how to find successful and efficient professionals and how to minimize the maintenance costs?

The answer is simple - contact LEADER GROUPP.



Free calls within Russia

Who are we?

We are not just an outsourcing company providing consulting or assisting in headhunting. We are a holding that has united several diverse companies with one goal in mind - to make the possibility of a complete service for any business possible.
Our team provides an individual approach to each and every client. We work with any range and scale of a business, from private practitioners to large corporations, ready to provide a wide range of services to answer any question that might arise. Our team of professionals have gathered here to make you satisfied with our work.
Full accounting, lawyer services, creating an individual corporate style or a website which promotion is our concern as well, and that is only a part of what our partners are getting.

We save your money and the most valuable of resources - your time



We have your maximum convenience in mind. We can sent a professional to you, welcome you in our office or interact via internet. Most clients prefer to communicate over the distance and focus on their business. We use electronic copies and web-services, providing you with your own server - it is a convenient way for both of us. However, if there is a necessity, we will be happy to send our specialist to you for free.

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