with a mission

and vision

LEADER GROUPP holding is a way to make the possibility of a complete service for any business possible. Our mission is to think out of the box when doing business and to prove a simple idea that business is easier than it seems. Thanks to operational processes optimization within our company and a team of experienced specialists, we are ready to offer you a completely unique product. Taking on a huge list of interrelated services, the team of leaders is able to effectively solve any of your problems, even before they occur. You can entrust us with any business process, starting from a business plan to business cards design and print, from consulting to personnel recruitment. It doesn’t matter if you just decided to start a business or if you are an established businessman. Already more than 200 hundred partners trusted us and we’ve created and helped others create companies. We have already prepared a solution to the problem before you encounter it. LEADER GROUPP is the way to success.

Our experience

Experience based on practice
Expert opinion

As real professionals, our employees already have tremendous experience in all areas and continue to gather experience and grow professionally. They can find a solution for the most difficult task. No  matter what your situation is, we have an employee who is able to tackle it.